Philosophy of Neuroscience

Originally written for Patrick Suppes Phiosophy of Neurscience class.  Download the full Realities and Delusions paper paper.

fMRI excitation

Realities and Delusions

Abstract: To gain a better understanding of what reality is and how the brain translates perception into reality we examine where in the brain delusion arises. A delusion is generally defined as a contradictory or false belief or impression, which is held regardless of its falsehood and proof to the contrary. The world of the delusion is a derivative world that is normally based on a warping or reconfiguring of the real world within the mind. Towards determining the brains creation of reality I will compare affect and brain area activation in two cases: between those who have a psychiatric condition and those who do not, and between those who have a psychiatric condition and experience delusions and those who have a psychiatric condition but do not experience delusions.